Student Membership Form

Student Membership Application Form

Part A: Personal Details

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Part B: Academic Qualifications

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Part E: Declarations

I hereby apply for membership of the Centre for International Alternative Dispute Resolution. If admitted, I agree to comply with the code of professional and ethical conduct and by regulations made or to be made for carrying them into effect.

I declare that to the best of my knowledge, the information given on this form is correct. I understand and agree that if I make any false statements, submit false information or fail to disclose information requested in this application, I will be subject to disciplinary action to the constitutional documents and code of ethics, as amended from time to time.

On admittance, I request that you issue me a Membership Certificate. I agree that the certificate will remain the property of the Institute and will undertake to return it if I cease to be a member. I understand that I will be required to return my Certificate of membership on cessation of membership

Please refer to the CiADR Ethics section online for more information.

Part F: Data Protection