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Membership Application Form

Part A: Personal Details

Contact details

This will be your mailing & billing address. It will also dictate your annual subscription rate and branch allocation. Once admitted into membership,you may updatewhereyou haveyour correspondencesent to,through your online profile.

Part B: Academic Qualifications

Please provide details of relevant technical, academic and professional examinations passed including those of CiADR and Recognised Course Providers. We cannot process your application without this information.

Professional Qualification

Employment History (if any)

Outline your professional history for last 5-10 years and please attach your CV.

Part C: ADR Academic Profile

Field of Expertise

Part D: Prior Conduct

Part D: Prior Conduct


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Part E: Declarations

I hereby apply for membership of the Centre for International Alternative Dispute Resolution. If admitted, I agree to comply with the code of professional and ethical conduct and by regulations made or to be made for carrying them into effect.

I declare that to the best of my knowledge, the information given on this form is correct. I understand and agree that if I make any false statements, submit false information or fail to disclose information requested in this application, I will be subject to disciplinary action to the constitutional documents and code of ethics, as amended from time to time.

On admittance, I request that you issue me a Membership Certificate. I agree that the certificate will remain the property of the Institute and will undertake to return it if I cease to be a member. I understand that I will be required to return my Certificate of membership on cessation of membership

Please refer to the CiADR Ethics section online for more information.

Part F: Data Protection

Part G: Administration

Subscription fee
Category International Local
Student Free Free
Associate Member USD 20 BDT 500
Member USD 50 BDT 2000
Fellow Member USD 100 BDT 5000

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